About us

Maxa is a brand of high quality, which is specially designed to make women’s clothing bright, unique and practical. «Try on and fall in love» – here is the basics for successful сompany working in female fashion domain. This is the foundation of Maxa clothes brand.

The company stepped on the path of fashion and style in 1999. At that time exactly, we made decision to be geared to quality and unique style. Being unified with the idea that all women deserve just the best, we were evolving and getting famous in Ukraine as well as abroad.

Currently, more than 20 Maxa stores work in Ukraine. Along with that, we are going to open branches in all big cities of the country. At the same time we have ambitious goal to become recognizable brand on European market.

In 2011 the company engaged Italian investors. Nowadays, being registered in Italy and other European countries, Maxa brand is already regarded as Italian brand. Our closest plan is to provide shopping molls of France, Italy and Spain with our Maxa brand clothes.

Our product meets all standards of quality. Our customers are women who value comfort and unique style as well as modern production technologies, the strict control of all its phases, excellent fabrics and what is the most important – new creative ideas of our talented designers. Numerous European Awards confirm that fact. In December, 2018 Maxa TM was awarded the International European Quality Mark award for achieving high quality standards.

The number of our regular customers is constantly growing and this is not surprising. Products of Maxa follow latest fashion trends, emphasize strong points of a female shapes while camouflaging her weaker ones.

We also develop partnerships with dealers and everybody willing to work with Maxa brand. If you want to build a profitable business with our company, we offer you to buy Italian clothing of top quality wholesale. As we are interested in cooperation, we are ready to provide any help at all stages of work.

You can purchase perfect quality women’s clothes wholesale at competitive prices. We always have a large selection of products in various colors and textures. That is why you can organize optimal purchase of our products for yourself. The partnership with Maxa company will certainly become your ticket to the golden future!