Lara Bleicher completed the first collection; MAXA philosophy was formed


MAXA trademark was registered in Ukraine; first line of blouses goes on sale


The first total look was developed; the production of different elements of wardrobe, shoes and accessories was launched


The first show of the MAXA collection on the catwalk in the city of Dnipro was held
Stylistic vectors of the brand, such as smart casual, casual chic, sport line was formed


MAXA showroom was opened in Moscow


The first MAXA brand boutique was opened in the city of Dnipro; brand collections filled over 100 sq. m of retail space


First 10 MAXA stores were opened in Russia


maxaс internet platform, allowing dealers to order products remotely, was launched; bulk order rules were simplified
According to the evaluation of independent experts of the International Trade Association, MAXA was awarded the Five Continents Award for outstanding achievements in the field of quality and brand excellence (Madrid)


Contracts with dealers from Belarus and Kazakhstan were made


The best manufacturing companies in the world were awarded in Switzerland (Geneva), MAXA was awarded the European Diamond Eye Awards For Quality Commitment And Excellence


MAXA brand becomes Italian; intense cooperation with European designers begins; the brand awarded a special prize on a catwalk in Switzerland
MAXA showrooms were opened in Paris and Milan


MAXA collections have been presented at major European exhibitions in Milan and Paris


A fashion blog and YouTube channel were launched; their captive audience exceeded 75,000 people in 2017


An agreement was signed with the 50th MAXA dealer; the Company staff exceeded 100 employees
The 50,000th customer were registered in the MAXA dealer network


A contract was signed with a dealer in the UAE; the MAXA clothing is intensively sold in Dubai


The Company was recognized as the Best Company of Ukraine, and was awarded an award by the Assembly of Business Circles of Ukraine with the support of the President of Ukraine.
Lara Bleicher was awarded the Leader of Ukraine Order


The international company of MAXA was awarded the European Quality Award by the decision of the Nomination Committee of the European Business Assembly for the desire to achieve high quality in accordance with European standards